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Our company started its activity on performance of isolation and finishing works in Antalya in 1999, and today through offices opened in Astana, Kazakhstan and Suleymaniye and Bagdad, Iraq, render a wider range of services on above mentioned works. Our purpose is to become a symbol of quality by means of professional approach, discipline and provision of continuous servicing. Within this purpose our fast-growing company have rendered assistance at reaching decisions on isolation systems, floor structures, repair and enforcement of structures, as well as on drilling and cutting concrete structures in many projects and have implemented turn-key projects of hotel and other complexes by means of professional staff.

Since 2006 we have worked in Kazakhstan; by virtue of dealership agreements with MASTER BUILDERS SOLUTIONS , BASF POLYUREA and BASF POLYUREATAN we have a wide range of products and we have participated in many projects at home and abroad by rendering technical consulting and assisting at reaching decisions in accordance with the principle of showing deference in satisfaction of customers’ demand.

Yontem Yapi.kz Company is engaged in delivery of systems of materials for:

  • repair, protection and waterproofing of concrete constructions (EMACO®, MASTERSEAL®)
  • precision installation of equipment (EMACO®, MASTERFLOW®)
  • joint sealing (MASTERFLEX®)
  • installation of floor covering with reinforced upper layer and polymeric floors (MASTERTOP®, UCRETE®)
  • production of concrete and concrete goods (GLENIUM®, RHEOMATRIX, RHEOFIT)
  • stopping water inflow and soil consolidation in underground development (RHEOCEM®, MEYCO®)
  • enforcement of concrete structures (M-BRACE)
  • construction of aqua parks and swimming pools (PCI)
  • laying of tile, parquet, linoleum and carpet (PCI)
  • construction of roofing (CONIPUR®, CONIBRIDGE)
  • rust-proofing of metal structures (MASTERSEAL®, PROTECTOSIL®)

İzocon Project Company concentrates its efforts in following fields:

  • Waterproofing
  • Thermal isolation,
  • Repair works on enforcement of structures,
  • Flooring systems,
  • Drilling and cutting concrete structures

for more information about BASF KAZAKHSTAN plese visit :

www.master-builders-solutions.basf.kz    ,  http://www.basf-cc.kz/" shape="rect">www.basf-cc.kz , http://www.basf.com/" shape="rect">www.basf.com



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