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Heat insulation

IZOCON KZ company performs works pertaining to application of polyurethane foam through spraying of heat insulation on different bases and surfaces:


·         Heat insulation of pipelines

·         Heat insulation of equipment

·         Heat insulation of industrial and residential facilities

·         Heat insulation of roof


Advantages of polyurethane foam heat insulation:

·         efficient heat insulator since the 1960s

·         service period of the material is more than 30 years

·         the lowest ratio of thermal conductivity not reachable for all heat insulation materials

·         no seams, junctions, clearances, thermal bridges

·         does not crack, does not become deformed, does not shrink

·         does not absorb moisture

·         is environmentally friendly

·         safe for human health

·         high speed of application


                We provide warranty to all types of works. We work with BASF German corporate group products, we are official representatives of this group products. For all materials and works we have certificates of quality compliance, safety data sheets. We give professional advice concerning application of polyurethane foam.


On our work we base ourselves on:

·         Extensive experience in the field of heat insulation

·         Proficiency of employees

·         Advanced equipment

·         Best materials

Our specialists will perform all the necessary work in a timely and qualitative manner, and we also provide guarantees for the services we provide.

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