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Repair and reinforcement of concrete and reinforced concrete structures

One of the basic fields of IZOCON KZ company operation is repair of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. This kind of work is performed with application of BASF corporate group materials, which guarantees efficiency of performed works and durability of structure.

                Repair and restoration of concrete facilities within shortest periods: minimum downtime, maximum reliable results.

                Solutions of BASF corporate group helps us to perform reliable and high quality repair of concrete and reinforced concrete. When diagnosing the root cause of wear and destruction we develop a clear strategy of repair with application of correct materials in order to achieve a long-term problem free operation of the facility.

                High technology line of BASF corporate group materials ensures efficient solution of tasks concerning concrete repair of any complexity level.

                Reinforcement of concrete structures: MasterBrace composite reinforcement system restores concrete structure to its initial bearing capacity, increases its durability and structural characteristics.

                Concrete of repair: repair mixtures of MasterEmaco series restore initial durability and wear resistance of concrete structure, whereas MasterProtect protective compounds protect it from corrosion.

                Repair of cracks: application of MasterInject material fills and seals cracks and cavities by restoring structural integrity and preserving concrete from further destruction.


                Concrete protection is extremely important for long-life of reinforced structures and restoration of damaged surfaces to their initial appearance and project functionality after repair. MasterProtect series line of materials of BASF corporate group offers a long-term protection and durability of concrete structures protecting them for long years from different type of environment impact.

                MasterProtect system includes a range of highly efficient hydrophobizated impregnations, elastic coatings and coatings resistant to carbonization and other chemical impacts.

                Correct choice of MasterProtect series materials will allow to develop the most profitable solution.

                Our technical specialists are in close cooperation with Master Builders Solutions of BASF corporate group, therefore for each specific case we offer the most efficient and profitable solutions of given tasks as to facility protection. All of this contributes to prosperity of our partners' business and ensures sustainable development of construction industry.


High quality repair of concrete by means of MasterEmaco materials guarantees durability of the facility


                MasterEmaco series system of materials presented by BASF corporate group offers complex solutions as to repair of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, which have been damages or worn out as a result of different kind of impact.

                Portfolio of MasterEmaco products includes dry mixtures for structural and non-structural repair of concrete, repair under negative temperatures, quick repair of concrete within limited period restoring durability characteristics, structural integrity and attractive appearance of the structure.

                MasterEmaco line materials developed with application of innovation technologies allow to achieve larger contact area of material with the base and to guarantee high mechanical properties.

                MasterEmaco solutions ensure high quality repair, restore concrete long-life and ability to withstand required loads. Due to quick hardening repair compounds restoration of a facility is completed within shortest period, which contributes to quick putting to operation and cost minimization.

                When diagnosing the root cause of wear our specialists develop the most suitable repair strategy, which also prevents from further deterioration and ensures long-term protection of concrete.​


MasterBrace is a composite system for reinforcement of construction structures


                MasterBrace is an innovation system for reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures. The system is complex, it includes materials for repair and protection of concrete, composite materials based on carbon and glass fiber, which ensure additional stability of structure elements. MasterBrace reinforcement system is applied for solving of such tasks as:

·         Increase of seismic stability

·         Increase of resistance to loads

·         Increase, preservation and restoration of bearing capacity of facilities of different kind (especially relevant is reinforcement of structures, which have sags, cracks, corrosion, change in structural schemes).

                MasterBrace reinforcement system consists of burlaps, construction plates (lamellas), stems, prime, glue for burlaps, glue for construction plates.

                Using state-of-the-art solutions under Master Builders Solutions brand we can quickly and reliably reinforce reinforced concrete and concrete facilities. High fatigue strength and low dead weight make MasterBrace system an efficient solution of tasks of any complexity level. MasterBrace system for reinforcement of structures is a combination of excellent characteristics of the product and technical support of qualified specialists.

Our specialists will perform all the necessary work in a timely and qualitative manner, and we also provide guarantees for the services we provide.

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