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Systems of poured floors

IZOCON KZ company is an authorized dealer for applying waterproofing coatings, floor coating systems, engineering waterproofing systems, repair and protective coatings of BASF in Astana city.

                Our application specialists professionally perform application of floor coatings systems (poured seamless floors on cement, epoxy and polyurethane base).


                We provide services in making floor coatings systems:

·         Parking lots;

·         Production facilities;

·         Workshops;

·         Factories;

·         Clinics;

·         Education institutions

·         Administrative and other buildings


                Due to diversity of requirements to floor coatings we use materials with consideration of necessary properties, technical and aesthetic criteria, with consideration of balanced cost, limitations in time and speed of installation to create an optimal solution for our customers for installation of industrial and decorative floors.

·         MasterTop cement systems for hardening of concrete floor

                Economically rational durable reinforcing coatings for concrete floor consisting of sand, special cements, fillers and color pigments. They differ through extremely high mechanical strength and therefore they are well suitable for production factories and warehouses as well as they are a very economically rational solution for new buildings and warehouse facilities construction projects.


·         MasterTop heavy duty epoxy coatings

                Usually are used in industrial production. They are valued for their pleasant appearance, simplicity of cleaning, mechanical strength and durability against corrosive fluids such as chemicals, oils, salts and diluted acids.


·         MasterTop polymeric coatings

                Seamless systems for floor are durable against cracks, scratches and UV radiation. MasterTop polymeric floor are exclusively durable, attractive and convenient for walking, reliable and long-life. They are usually used in public premises, trade halls, commercial, educational and medical institutions.


·         Ucrete polyurethane-cement systems for aggressive environment

                For installation of floor in premises with aggressive production environment. The coating differs through extremely high durability against chemical, thermal and mechanical impacts while preserving integrity and durability under temperatures of up to +130 °C.

                40-years experience of BASF corporate group coatings application proved their compliance with the strictest requirements of hygiene and cleanness. Ucrete polyurethane-cement floor is widely used in production premises of food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries ensuring durable and reliable coatings, which are used under aggressive environment conditions.


                We provide warranty to all types of works, we work with BASF German corporate group products and are official representatives of this corporate group. We give professional advice concerning selection of the most suitable materials.


In the process of applying floor coatings systems we base ourselves on:

·         Extensive work experience in the field of floor systems installation.

·         Proficiency of employees

·         Advanced equipment

·         Best materials

Our specialists will perform all the necessary work in a timely and qualitative manner, and we also provide guarantees for the services we provide.

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